Corona crisis throughout the globe; causes, effects, and after-effects. Was it preplanned? Facts up till 2022.

What is corona? How come it affected the whole world? Was it natural or preplanned? Will it ever end? Will you and I ever live a normal life again as we used to live once? 3 years into corona and you still need answers to the questions pumping in your mind?

Well, look no further. This article will help you find all the answers you need to know about corona.

Corona is a global pandemic caused by the respiratory syndrome. It started all the way from Wuhan, China and eventually had itself spread all over the globe. Why is it that some guy was affected by a disease in a specific country and now the whole world has to pay for it? Well, Corona probably did the job, and that too in a disastrous manner. Covid-19 itself describes when it started, that is at the end of 2019. By the end of January 2020, World Health Organization (WHO) had already declared a Public Health Emergency and by March 2020, a full known pandemic, and why not? Corona had around 437 million cases by March 2020 and approximately 5.95 million deaths which leave us with no other option but to admit it as one of the deadliest pandemics in the history of mankind.

Every government took its best measures to prevent this disease but unfortunately, none worked. Social distancing, masks, gloves, sanitizers, lockdowns, and even vaccine? What else could we even expect? People starved to death facing this pandemic. From losing jobs to the destruction of whole economies, we all suffered. Lockdowns imposed not only had people starve but also compelled them to engage themselves in various crimes to feed themselves and their families.

All mankind became so concerned about it and took measures to prevent it but who knew this would happen and the world would come to a point where people would be out there in stores snatching food items as if the world has come to an end.


Let us discuss some facts based on statistical information.


This brings us to the first and most important point of unemployment which became one of the most panicking issues created among the general public. Millions of people got unemployed in this era of global pandemic.


According to International Monetary Fund (IMF), millions of workers have been shifted to government-backed schemes to stable economy including tourism and hospitality. Still, a huge number of people remain unemployed.

However, Australia somehow manages to recover and stabilize its job opportunities as they were back in 2019, but several other countries including America, UK, France, and Spain with others still struggle to face this phase of major unemployment. (Source: IMF)

Stock market:

Corona not only made individuals but whole nations suffer. The economy of the whole world faced a crisis due to this pandemic. The stock market crashed shortly after the first wave of the corona. According to BBC news, the statistical report of the stock market after the Corona crises were as follows:


Click the link to read the whole article of BBC news.

These indicate trouble because ups and downs in the stock market, where company shares are being bought and sold can directly affect factors such as pensions and savings in accounts, which ultimately have an impact on people.

Agriculture/ Food resources:

Corona drastically damaged the quality and quantity of food being provided to people. Due to lockdowns, both organic and chemical-based food items could not be produced the way they were earlier. Even the edibles produced were not evenly distributed. Border closures played a huge role in this disaster as edibles necessary were unable to be imported and vice versa. Food, being the basic necessity, could never be ignored and should be the utmost priority of the government to ensure nobody starves to death. Still, the government only could not be blamed solely as there were numerous other factors involved.

This factor had even a worse effect on underdeveloped and developing countries which were facing problems of malnutrition and poor health. The agricultural sector got destroyed. The labor produced by this sector went sacked. Especially those countries having agriculture as their backbone, were bent to their knees.


The effects discussed above concludes that Corona damaged the world economy as a whole. Not only underdeveloped but also first world countries were affected one way or the other. Nobody remained unharmed by this vicious disease. However, now in 2022, the world has become stable again to a great extent and things are pretty much normal again however the struggle to bring things in line as they were before, prevails.

After-effects of Corona:

We discussed a few major ways this pandemic affected us. Let’s briefly continue towards the after-effects this will have on us in our upcoming lives.

After-effects on the human body:

We humans did suffer physically from this too and so will our bodies suffer from after-effects. Below is a list of a few consequences your body faces after being affected by Covid-19.

· Fatigue

· Difficulty in breathing

· Severe cough

· Chest pain

· Sleep problems

· Muscle pain

· Headache

Do take care of your body and make sure to recover fully before returning to your daily life functionalities.

Also, this Covid-19 has some serious effects on the world in long term.

After-effects on the world:

Well, this seems pretty obvious that the world will never be the same again. Even in recent years, we faced different variations and intensities of the same Covid-19. The change in everyday life including behavior and lifestyle may not be the same again because new trends have been made and imposed on the people and now they have probably accepted that.

According to James Manyika:

‘The world after COVID-19 is unlikely to return to the world that was. Many trends already underway in the global economy are being accelerated by the impact of the pandemic.

This is especially true of the digital economy, with the rise of digital behavior such as remote working and learning, telemedicine, and delivery services. Other structural changes may also accelerate, including regionalization of supply chains and a further explosion of cross-border data flows’.

His statement pretty much sums up the scenario today. The world has rapidly evolved with this pandemic, especially with the digitalization of certain things; mainly including online jobs and e-learning as well as the physical business trend changing towards e-commerce. Everything has either shifted completely or is in the process of shifting towards the digital world, and you can’t deny the fact.

Digital world is the future and unfortunately, most of us learned it through the pandemic.

Was Corona a pre-planned pandemic?

Now comes the part you really wanted to know about. Well, nobody has proven it to be true or not but surely this question pinches up in many minds. Although the researches are not fully authentic, still we will quote them to justify our answer.

According to an article at, five hundred German doctors have claimed that this whole Corona pandemic was pre-planned.

Also, the testing method for Covid-19 was patented by Richard Rothschild, four years before even the disease was discovered. The date of the patent was 13–10–2015.

Link to that patent:

In another article, Dr. Creep also predicted corona back in 2013 and in that very year a rapper released a song with lyrics; “2020 combined with coronavirus, bodies stacking”. Nonetheless, these were considered to be more of a coincidence than a prediction.


There are various arguments put on the table by different people, however, to consider one explanation valid and dismiss other shreds of evidence would be wrong. Thus, concluding one straight-up authentic answer to this controversy cannot be the solution and the answer, thus, remains a mystery, until proven.



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